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Here at Shattered Tabletop Games, We believe that our games unify and empower people through imaginative entertainment.


I can see! ...kidding.


Through the collaboration of our minds, knowledge and core values, we develop entertaining games that serve as a platform for our main goal: to allow you petty mortals to play out your fantasies in a way that is socially acceptable. So feel free to buy our products, live out our "Imaginative Entertainment" and make us rich. This is all in accordance with our top secret master plan that no one knows about...

Our Goals in accordance to our Vision

(Written on a piece of typed out paper)
Step 1. Purchase easily accessible storefront market.
Step 2.?
Step 3. World Domination
Step 4. Fund research into irradiated gummy bears.
Step 5. Invest every penny into as-seen-on-tv products
Step 6. Move back in with parents
Step 7. Make awful role-playing game
Step 8. See step 1.

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