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Official Arcmastering

Arcmastering is the act of running an adventure, acting as both hthe referee and the story teller. Arcmasters have all the inside knowledge. They are the final arbiter of the rules. They decide character's fates, as well as what happens when an action is taken. The name Arcmaster is in reference to the play sessions, known as 'Arcs', as in "Story Arcs". An Arcmaster is the master of the story arc.

In practicality, the Arcmaster sets up the arc, the game, the characters, the environment and most importantly the interest.

Being an Arcmaster is incredibly fun, but requires a lot of prep work, a knack for storytelling and knowledge of the game's ruleset. At the end of the day, Arcmasters are the ones fleshing out the world for players.

Official Arcmasters are people who want to take their Arcmastering to the next level. When official Shattered Tabletop Games play sessions of Shattered Dawn are held, the arcs are only ran by official arcmasters. Being an Official Arcmaster requires an application and associated application fee, but once approved comes with a handful of benefits. Those benefits are:

-Early access to new Arcs.

-Personalized Promo Code for our online store.

-Official Arcmaster Shirt

-Access to playtesting new products and materials

Official Arcmasters



Andrew Bradfute

Jordan Crutchfield

David DeSanto

Anna Greer

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