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The Shattered Dungeons Podcast

We enjoy playing as much as we enjoy writing! Check out our Patreon page for ways to support our podcast, as well as more in-depth looks at Shattered Dawn! You can get more involved and access to more content by supporting us on our Pateron page:

Thanks for listening!

Join us on a Community Day!

Our Community Days are designed to give people a fun, stress-free opportunity to join together and play Shattered Dawn with our community of Podcast listeners. To participate in a community day, you must have a working microphone, webcam, computer with internet access and a copy of the Shattered Dawn 2nd Edition Starter Kit (Digital or Physical). 

To book your time slot, use the booking software on this page and select a time for each individual who would like to join. The maximum amount of players per session is 6, and sessions are generally 2 hours of gameplay, with 30 minutes of technical setup and character creation. All voice and video chats are done using Discord, a link to our discord server can be found here.

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