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Shattered Dawn is a story driven game, where players may create and play their own characters in an expansive fantasy world. Unlike other tabletop games, the rules and gameplay have been carefully crafted to be simple, fast-paced and allow for new players, and veteran players, alike to fully enjoy the lore and narrative without having to constantly focus on rules. 

Check out our Promo Video!

This is a brief promo about our game, Shattered Dawn! We know we are goofy but we take our game seriously.


This is a tabletop role-playing game that is designed to be easy for new people, but allows for increased complexity based on play style. The gameplay system challenges the traditional archetypes of character creation and party roles. Our classless system allows for complete customization of every aspect of your character and allows characters to learn new things at any point. Shattered Dawn’s advancement system challenges the meta of party dynamics. Rogues do not have to wield daggers, mages can wear full plate armor, and berserkers can unleash a fury of spells.

System overview

Learn more about the system and gameplay of Shattered Dawn.

Creation Moments

While creating Shattered Dawn, we wanted to create an uncomfortable, dreary, chaotic world which forces a response from the players to make a change in the suffering and gritty world they are immersed in. Our expansive lore challenges players to feel and respond to the dark world around them. The history and narrative of Shattered Dawn engages the players and Arcmaster in a way other role-playing games don't. Through our extensive lore, we have provided several scenarios filled with a multitude of tough decisions and moral dilemmas for both Players and Arcmasters to explore.

Character Creation

Here you will see a demonstration of how to create a character in Shattered Dawn. 

*Character Sheet subject to change

Combat System

Here is a quick demo on how combat works in the world of Shattered Dawn.

Art Direction

Our art direction reflects the grim reality of the lore. The rugged and gritty look solidifies the harsh nature of our world. Check out the gallery for some groovy art.

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